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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
There in Texas........drought conditions? Dry leaves is always easy to make them into powder in one or two light passes. The right mower, gator blades, powerful engine and mulching kit.
Appears to be Zoysia grass........real easy to make it look good. Bermuda that is thinning isn't so nice in presence.

There is the occasional customer that doesn't think that this is considered a cleanup. The kindred spirit of dragging the old raking is the only thing in their comprehension. Leaf mold is beneficial to the soil, and promotes OM. Some people will want you to thatch this stuff out during the Spring to allow for new growth and air circulation. I haven't had a problem with my zoysia's after a fall season of mulching and bagging if needed. During the summer, these grasses couldn't help but benefit from the extra boost from OM.
Forgive my ignorance, but what is OM? Organic material?
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