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You are right

Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
I certainly respect your opinion on the matter but those are some pretty strong statements. You can't know what someone's market is like from where you sit or how productive they are...maybe they're a bargain at that rate. And on at least 75% of my accounts I neither vaccum nor haul away and the money I make is real. We all have different situations...what works for you in your area may not work for others.
In his situation to simply have a flat rate of $80 for any size property in leaf removal may not be a good idea. As you know with your experience, pricing goes way past the size of the yard or property when it comes to leaf removal or leaf mulching. Having a square footage flat pricing structure for almost anything but leaves in my opinion may work. Example: Aeration, fert & weed, mowing, etc. Even then, certain levels of difficulties will apply and possibly change pricing. However, when you take an area that is full of trees, or has a few trees, or simply has blow over leaves from the neighbors, this can create a completely different situation when you do leaves.

Just like you stated in your opinion, you probably do 75% without vacuuming or hauling away. Based on the leaf volume of each site, the best method of cleanup does change and you can make money doing it many ways.

The contractor that I was responding to stated that they were blowing leaves into a pile, raking onto a tarp, and then putting them into the back of his truck, smashing them down the best they could, then hauling them to the dump. All that for $80 in anyone's market is not possible for a two man crew. Based on overhead such as truck, trailer, mowers, blowers, labor and drive time, $80.00 will not get it. To boot, he stated they were lucky to get two a day completed. That gets his daily gross receipts to $160. Let's ass/u/me they are working 7 hours a day for two men. Total labor hours for the day is 14 hours. $160 divided by 14 labor hours = $11.43 per labor hour to cover all costs and profit. Can't be done.

I respect your opinion as well, but it that situation it is not possible to make any money for that price. That's what my post was directed toward.
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