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i guess it's different down here. i charge the same or a little more than a regular mowing and i just go over the leaves with the ztr mulching them up. i use G6 blades and side discharge and i only have to make a few extra passes to get all of the leaves to disappear.

i do use the blower on smaller yards and just blow the leaves into the woods. most times here the flower beds are not in tip top shape and have pine straw or brown bark or whatever in them so you just leave the little amount of leaves in there and they become part of the mulch once they decompose. on a few you may blow them out a bit but most of them you don't.

also when i do leaves here they aren't 2ft thick in the yard. i stop mowing at the end of october and then go 2 times in nov to cut the leaves up. by late nov or early dec all of the leaves have fallen. alot here don't even want leaf cleanup. they just leave them there to blow away on their own lol.
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