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Newbie to the site here but.... I would find out what they are eligible for $ wise (or have them find out). As it turns out, in the great state of Indiana, our legislators have decided to change the unemployment laws and the way the payout is calculated. So my employees (and other lawn co I talk to) are finding that their benefits have been chopped in half (in some cases more). The call back date no longer applies and their benefits are based off of total income (currently from July 2011-june 2012) Divided by 52 and multiplied by 0.47. Basically taking what used to be a decent check for 3 months and stretching it out to a years worth of little checks (regardless of how long they claim, even if they come back to work in March). This in turn makes the checks laughable and in a lot of cases under $100! Obviously they cannot live off of that. So back to your question... Have them find out what they are eligible for cause as is the case with my employees, they arent getting enough! ( a drastic change from last year) They HAVE to look for jobs now. We do snow removal but if it doesnt snow... Also on the flipside, if it does snow and they get jobs, I dont have any workers! So, good luck!
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