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Originally Posted by dutch1 View Post
Don't know if the following link will come through for you, but it does indicate that the elbowed fitting is available as a separate part if needed. The intank screen will keep a lot of trash out of your inline filter but if the elbow is not leaking you can probably get by checking the filter more frequently.

If the link does not work you can go to Exmark's website to retreive the proper info.
Thanks for posting. Yeah, the link just took me to the main parts search screen.

From what you posted though that would make sense that the elbow with the threaded nut at the bottom does come out. I wonder if anyone on here is an exmark tech? I'd be curious to know how you get this part off. I would like to put that little screen back in and I know you have to unscrew that piece in order to do that.

Just frustrating, you know?
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