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I don't think the amount of the leaves is that big of an issue for us. Yes more leaves = more time normally. But moving 20 yards of leaves across a lawn doesn't really take more time for us than say moving 10-15 yards of leaves. The factors that kill us are the type of grass is it long and lush that stuff holds the leaves and crap and can slow your progress down to a crawl. Where short dormant grass can be blown off almost in a run. Is there a lot of sticks and nuts an acorns or is there a lot of bare ground which means you have loose dirt coming for the ride. All that eats the time then there are the beds I can do the front beds of a house with a few small shrubs in a couple of minutes but make them dense with multiple layers of plants iv actually seen them 40 feet deep. Then have them at mature sizes and growing into each other and that same front bed can take 2-4 guys hours to do. So its never been the bulk that costs the time its the other details to do. Which is why prices for clean ups for the same size lawns vary as much as they do.
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