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Seems like we're all in the same boat. I've not only had NO improvement to the trees originally rated a low number, but they are much worse. I have not personally heard of any tree, plant or bush that actually recovered from being rated a 1. Once this toxin hits a plant, look out. And, just think of the plants not yet evaluated because there wasn't any visible signs to our human eyes of what damage may be happening to the plants' growth hormones at the microscopic level. I'm very concerned for the rest of my landscape. Another independent arborist already told me he noticed the toxin is now at the foot of the root reach of my biggest maples since boxwoods right there have signs of the toxin effect. If I lose those big trees my whole back yard and my koi pond will have to be dug up. Will they even grow normal in the future? There's so much unknown. What a disaster.
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