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For what it's worth$$$

Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
Keep an eye out for small landscape companies selling there business because it isn't worth much. You will probably end up giving it away in your eyes if you are smaller.

I remember one guy used to post "cost of equipment and a case of beer" which is surely over simplified, but makes a point.

It doesn't matter if they have a contract or not. Despite the fact that it probably will not be valid under new ownership, are you really going to spend the money and time taking someone to court over 100/month.

Can the new owner run the biz from a computer or does he have to load the trailer each morning and wipe his employee's asses?

One way you make your accounts more profitable is working on site with the new owner for a while. This allows better retention rates.
I would disagree with the guy about routes being worth a case of beer. Just the opposite if I ever sold out. I would sell my route separate and I do agree that working with the new owner would help a lot if they wanted the help in transition. Then sell all my equipment item by item (I really don't think the equipment has a lot of value unless the new owner was starting fresh). The only positive about buying a solo route is, if it was like mine it would be 35-40 accounts in a one mile radius. (One day’s work for a crew of three or more.) Like I said I'm just curious because no one knows what the future holds. I may do this till I'm in a pine box or sell 5 years or so down the road.

I like this thread because I am considering expanding also (my youngest is graduating high school and going to college next year, so I will have a lot more time on my hands.) and one way is to buy someone out, in fact I started with 7 accounts that a friend of mine was letting go ‘cause he was tired of doing lawns.
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