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I don't care for your numbers either but using your numbers if you increased that from 14 to 16 that's an additional 1000 dollars a month. Bump it up to 17 or 18 per day and now you got your extra profit 1500 to 2000 more than you budgeted for and you ought to see an increase in your income.

You just caught me at a time when having employees has a real benefit and if I was solo I would be in real trouble this week. I got about a dozen more clean ups to go and on Saturday I managed to crack a rib working. I was trying to push a metal flex tube on the vac and as I held it in my arms I must have had to much pressure against my side because I snapped a rib and I heard it with my headphones on. Now If I were solo there is no way I could finish my clean ups this will take about 2 months to heal so as much as their slacking and bad work habits drive me nuts right now I am glad to have this week.
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