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as you grow business, your overhead goes up. Payroll taxes, payroll, new stuff, more fuel, more jobs, more repairs, more phone calls, etc....more expenses. Raise your rate to follow inflation and rising cost of doing business or you won't make it. Our minimum job charge is $42.50 and it doesn't matter if its weed control of picking up 1 trash bag worth of stuff--the charge is the minimum. In order for us to make decent profit, we have to produce $2400/week before materials not included in normal overhead and this is for a 2 man crew. I sell hourly jobs in the same mannor when customers question the fee...we can either make profit and stay in business or take a loss and you won't have us to be around next year.... make the decision to restructure and hire full time.

5 mins average is a poor result, and you'll continue to sell poor jobs smallstripe....unfortunately I can't subcontract you in my area.... We spend no less than 30 minutes per service at an average of 30 maintenance services per year. Your selling yourself short to be the low quality low baller.
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