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i would keep things the way they are. that is exactly where i wanna be. i don't want the hassle of employees and all. i guess you live in a city area where the yards are really small? $25 a yard. i wish i had that man. that would be easy as pie. alot of my jobs are 2-3 acres and i charge $100-$125. more money at one time yes but a whole lot more work. i'd rather have small yards like you and be in and out in 20min or so. i'm at some for 2 1/2 hrs or so. it kinda wears you down faster doing the bigger yards. on the other hand i only do about 3-5 yards a day to make the same amount you do. it would still be easier to do more small yards as long as the drive time between them isn't too bad.

i guess it depends on your goals. do you wanna keep things simple and just solo or do you wanna make more money which requires alot more headache to be honest. it's all about how much is enough for you. we all have different goals.
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