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I am a collector :)

Over the past 6 years we have been taking manure, leaves and anything that will break down from everyone we can.

This year alone we have probably hauled more then 25 dump truck loads of pure sheep manure We also take all the leaves from our local town.

There is somewhere between 65-70 dump truck loads of total compost on our farm. About 1/3 is ready to use and some is really raw yet.

We then incorporate grass/sod that we remove from seeding jobs and also mix fertilizer to feed the microbes to speed up decomposition. We usually have to turn it about once a month or every other month depending out how much it rains.

Does anyone else do this?
We have probably close to 200 yards of topsoil also as we mix with the compost before taking to the site and put down.

It is a great way to add value to your topsoil, and also make great $$$$ on top of seeding.
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