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Originally Posted by Above Par Lawns View Post
It took some time having to go up his hill and into the backyard with the wheel barrows.

Andy, you charge $75 for yourself plus additional $75 for laborer? Plus all materials/gas/etc?
What part of the country are you in?

I like the idea of an hourly rate to make sure i have money going to all the right places. I just need to determine what that number is for mysell.
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$75/hr for 2 men; sorry I didn't make that clear. 3 men = min $110/hr

My minimum for special service with myself = $55/hr

I would have been higher since you stated it was uphill.

Normal maintenance doesn't apply, as maintenance is bid for the year upon first meeting and we win or lose during the winter months. My pricing applies only to one time jobs like clean up work.

I use hourly fee vs. per job charge on each bid I do. Last Saturday, 2 guys spread 18 yards of mulch, weeded beds, and trimmed some shrubs in 6 hours; in this case my per yard formula made more money for us than the hourly-- $95/hr was generated...we averaged $95/hr for 2 men. The fee was higher than normal, because we do this efficiently and labor rate per yard was comparable to competition--rate was within range. I've read and learned from my customers and my competition, so I can usually get the job. I also have degree in horticulture which is a given to most people to hire me.

I'm south of Atlanta BTW. Work for lots of delta pilots, business owners, and in general wealthy people. I offer them top quality service in return. 30 customers can generate over $100,000 annually if you know what you are doing and suggest up sells.
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