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Originally Posted by theWRIGHTcut View Post
14 foot trailer

ah i see where you get that number from. originally i was under the impression that it could load 7,000# but i see..

unit's i've looked at include:
bobcat 743, 753, case 1818, and the one i REALLY want to get, but pressed up against the bank walls for is the volvo mc70b with 700 hours. however that weighs 5,800#
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yeah, I would think all of those would be problematic for your trailer, and ultimately would present a safety concern. Also worth considering is that most attachments, particularly trenchers, harley rakes, power brooms, etc., add significantly to the overall weight of the machine. Those are composed of a lot more than plate like a bucket is.

I see guys around here all the time with tandem 3500# axle trailers that have smiling axles and the wheels look like / \. Typically, it is from loading an overweight piece of equipment or trying to put 6 yards of soil mix (at 1500# per yard) on that trailer. I load a 6500# mini excavator on my 10,000# trailer, and it is the upper end of the capacity range, but there is still a comfortable margin of safety with regards to weight. However, the next trailer I purchase will be a 14,000# GVWR.

Your trailer is ultimately the insurance that you have to get your piece of equipment from job to job safely and without damage, so I would not skimp on the trailer...especially considering the weight of the units you're considering. That brings to mind also, what are you towing with...?
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