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well hey that's why i asked I appreciate the input.

I am not the typical** asshat landscaper that will tow it if it tows. I want to be safe and I'm in the mountains here so it is important that my liability not manifest itself, especially in terms of the weight we're talking.

I run a Wright Z, Wright sentar sport, and two bobcat 36 inch walk behinds comfortably. I assume that's around 3,500# and I feel safe about that, so I was wondering what I could squeeze out of it without being unsafe.

I tow the mowers with a 00' tundra, but would consider putting the 88' F350 5.8L on the road if towing heavy equipment.

I have spent my 'career', so to speak putting people to work, now that I moved and I am by myself, it's time for a big boy piece of equipment.
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