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Originally Posted by Horizon Jay View Post
First off if your computer is full (no memory left) it will run terrible! Also about laptop. Technology is changing so fast that for $350 you can probably replace it with a new one that would blow it out of the water. Top of the line 6 yrs ago has been replaced. I am a biased Apple fan ( you've been warned!) I say Ipad all the way! You can keep your laptop at home plugged in and take the Ipad on the go! I would highly recommend a good case for it or any tablet though. I have an Ipad 2 with a Griffin Survivor case. It is idiot proof (thats me) and kid proof (so far). I havent figured out how to use it to show a design or a plan on it but, I did sell a nice hardscape/plant install this summer with an Ipad! I used it on the initial meeting to show different plant and stone options (pictures/slideshow to help them decide what plants they actually like). Then I created a design on paper and showed them the pictures of each plant (google image search, right click save as on the Ipad on their porch. Worked like a charm! Not only were they happy with the plans but they loved the use of the "new" technology to show them exactly what they were getting where. (seriously though I asked them if they liked the Ipad demo and they said Yes). I am sure there are programs that, like a laptop, have a 3d visual slide show/movie of the plan available for the Ipad I just dont have one yet. (they have apps for everything!) Its lighter, more portable than a laptop and for the most part can do all of the same things! Also, if you are concerned with the crossover from a pc to the ipad dont be. If you have pictures you want and cant get them on the ipad, email them to yourself and download on the ipad. Done! (Itunes works well to sync it though and does work with pc). They are bascially plug and play. If you have any problems with it or tech questions, ask me. I may be able to help! Good luck!
I will add that most tablets are all capable of doing the same thing. Buy what you like (you are paying more for the Apple name, remember that). I have Iphone, MacBook Pro already so Ipad was a no brainer. Apple syncs very well together. A cheaper android tablet will do the exact same thing! Seriously it will...
Thats why the title of my thread was left open so people could make other suggestions! I do have the iPhone now so I know syncing it with the PC will not be a problem. I agree about the case, I have the Lifeproof case for my phone, best $80 I spent! I'll have to look at the Andriod tablets, maybe I can get some deal with Verizon to add one of those with internet onto my plan fora reasonable amount.
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