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Yes all on the books. Last year unemployment for one foreman was $300 a week. This year after tax and support he is looking at $100 take home. (So yes other variables apply) But we are dealing with major changes here. I spoke with another local friend that is in lawn care and he is stressing about the same thing. How do we keep the employees we actually want to keep? I can't afford the year round payroll and never had to worry about it before. Had I known this was going to be an issue I could have planned/prepared for it. In the past it was a no brainer. Lay em off. Call em back for snow and back to work in March. It's just a stressful situation for everyone. Them financially and me mentally. Do me wrong and I have no qualms cutting u loose. Be a great worker for years and I feel obligated to make sure your taken care of.
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