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Thank you all for tour feedback! i like this site already. I agree . no one would run a crew and bust their ass for 10k. We are going into our 9th year so I am still "new" compared to some of you but far from a green horn. i should add that I am not sure how the benefits were figured previously. (We are talking a 4 year employee which is hard to come by these days!) This year they have my attention. It seems like I pay unemployment all year and now they are deciding how it is spent. I realize they always have controlled it but this payout plan is ridiculous. The way their payout is calculated and the employee return to work date means that there is no way they will get all that money (the 52 week payout breakdown insures that). So where does the rest of the money go? The state Christmas party? If my comments are laughable then have a laugh. Just know that I am on the fast track to understanding unemployment tax and pay out to a T. Before it always worked so I just payed it. It's not working now so it has my undivided attention. Thanks to all!! Feel free to chime in! I freely admit that I do not know everything! Thank you MODs for moving this thread and not deleting it.
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