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I think that is a good idea for the short term but will cause you problems in the long run. My first lawn care company we took the lowballing approach and gained many customers fast. We soon figured out we weren't making any money we were actually loosing money. As soon as we went up on our prices we lost almost all our customers. The lesson i learned was price should never be used in gaining customers. Give a percent off for the first mow and throw in a referral program and that should help but stay away from the lowballing even if it's the first mow. Imagine if you get 500 customers at that price. Your loosing thousands and thousands of dollars.
That's what I'm saying. Imagine if just for the sake of argument that they do get tons of customers with that approach. When the leaves start falling in the fall, they may piss off and lose a majority of their customers when they want their lawns clean and the LCO can't do a hundred clean ups in a week.
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