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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
The problem is Quality is subjective at best, I don't care if you have the best quality out there, I know ours is pretty damn good from the reviews and feedback we get from our customers, but there is always those few that it doesn't matter how good you are they will tear you apart. "FREE" is the most powerful word in marketing and in this case is used as a call to action, and used to get the calls flowing which most of us need after a few months off, You can preach quality all day long but if the phone isn't ringing you have no chance to prove it.
I agree with you mate. I always read guys posting about how great there 'quality' is and how they sale customers on there 'super quality' Lets not get it twisted, we are talking about cutting grass. I always believed you are selling reliability first meaning the customer has enough faith in you, your crews, and your equipment to know you will show up each week on Friday and make there yard look presentable. How many yards during the dead of summer are even in the position to look like Turner Field due to lack of water, fert, and problem spots? The people that have those 'perfect' yards always seem to cut themsevles.
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