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Smaller lawns is most always more profitable solo IMO. If and/or when I hire it will be to train to have them run solo on a tight route.

In my area I've seen as many as 4-5 people mowing, triming and blowing with 21" mowers on one lawn that can more effectively serviced by a solo running a 32, 36 or 44 WB such as what I run and make more $.

The major glitch of a 100% solo operation such as mine is injuries. 2 years ago inguinal hernia that was tricky to schedule last mowings then surgery....then barely 2-3 weeks had to run on snowblowing route and risked ripping stitches and the repair.

Year before last fairly serious back injury and I almost quit the biz cold turkey in July of 2010....and stumbled through the remainder of that season solo and struggled to keep pace till.the.seasons.end.

Solo sounds all great till this happens.

In my own situation there is not much point in hiring an actual worker unless I quit my other buisness which if frankly more profitable with less overhead yet tedious but easy on the body.

Where I need help is with Spring marketing and some logistics, screen some phone calls and paperwork.

Basically what most wives or GF do. Maybe 2013
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