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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
i did this technique last year but did 10$ under 2000 15$ under 5000 and 20$ limit of one acre. Had about twenty yards i cut i believe all of them at the 15 or 20$ id have to double check. Walked away with 7 new customers that signed for last summer and are already signed up for next year. Im running it again this spring. If i cut 13 yards for little to no profit and walk away with 7 long term customers i will do it all day long, but I'm young and have no overhead and not a lot to loose maybe in 5-10 years ill think i was crazy as well.
I don't even know what a less than 2000 yard looks like, not sure we even have any, at least not in any subdivisions we would market to. Even if we did run into one I wouldn't do it for $10, why would you charge such a lowball rate? your losing money. we have some 5k yards but they are $40-$45, this is what kills me, young and no overhead is no excuse for lowballing
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