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Originally Posted by RodneyK View Post
Darryl G hit the nail on the head, exactly! You could have less lawns next year but make more money if you have that much demand. It happened to us this year. We were almost full and had a new client call. Normally would have been at $45 lawn but we quoted and got $65 per cut. If you are good there are people that will pay!
And that works until the lowballers raid your area and leave you with the scraps, we were at full capacity and still getting calls so we raised rates and dropped some lower rates just as your supposed to do, then the lowballers came in and took a bunch of the accounts, as hard as we tried to explain why they weren't getting the deal they thought they were, they went ahead anyway, live and learn. customer loyalty is at an all time low, and these accounts were in high end area's even, It was always the same story,your doing a great job but this guy will do it cheaper.

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