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Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
Its a Dell. When I bought the thing, I had every option you could get, accept for some reason I missed the part about the battery upgrade so I ended up with the lowest battery possible, which in its prime would only run the computer for like a half hour. Can I upgrade to a better battery now or would I have to get the exact same one it came with?
I have the extended battery for my dell. I did the same as you and ordered every bell and whistle for it. Every choice I had, I chose the highest quality, memory, speed etc. for some reason I also went with the standard battery. At the time I figured I wouldn't run it off the battery that often. I plug it in in the office and I have a inverters in the trucks. The extended batteries for it will fit as long as the battery lists your model number. The only complaint I have about the extended battery is that it is about 3/4 of an inch thicker than stock. So it makes the back of the lap top thicker. The laptop case I use is already full of so much stuff that the laptop nearly fits in. On the plus side, being thicker it lifts the back of the laptop up and puts the keyboard at an angle. Simular to how a desk top keyboard normally, so it is a more comfortable when doing a lot of typing.
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