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I've got five guys I want to keep through winter and I basically have to save for it. It's an expense. We're going to do an addition on the shop ourselves, I've got projects around my property and there's work to be done on equipment. We could take them to properties and address concerns etc, do some training. I'm going to hopefully take them snow tubing and check out the MANTS show or something. Demo some mowers, get some feedback, arrange and equip trucks, review time sheets and procedures that are friendly for them and for us in the office. These aren't things that are going to generate income in the off season. We do a lot of snow removal but that requires it to snow (last winter was not good). They will make a higher wage plowing and then we'll have a couple days of cleaning afterwards so a small storm can give us a week of "hours". My maintenance guys have been doing landscape installs but this week we will be coming to a crawl and I will unfortunately have to layoff two guys. Thats the part I hate most but I simply can't support everyone 365 days a year. It's also up to the employee to acknowledge winter and slow times are coming, it's not a surprise, and prepare for it as best they can. Some of the guys already have other jobs and those that we will say goodbye to will have to find something to do until we can offer them a job again in two months. Heck, one of my foreman is a DJ on the weekends.
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