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Originally Posted by garciajj612 View Post
Thank you guys for all the responses. The homeowner ended up getting the city to bring him a log of the water usage. I had never seen it but he got a few hundred pages dating from a month before we installed it (may), the log was very detailed including everyday, GPH used, hourly meter readings. It was obvious that it was a leak from the irrigation system it started from 2-5GPH to 85GPH I have no idea how this guy that mows his own yard did not see 80 gallons of water when he was out mowing or driving in to his house. He lives in a corner lot but he's got a flat 1/3 of an acre lot with fescue that he mowed like if it was Bermuda. After I looks at the papers I called the city and they advised me to fix it and give the homeowner a statement saying that we fixed the leak and they would adjust the bill but I was ready to tell the homeowner that I would help him pay the difference in one bill since i was not told about the issue.
The system is dead at this time, take advantage of it. Close all valves and install a pressure gauge at the induction port. Pressurize to 40psi for 1 hr. That'll tell you if the main is leaking or not.

I don't believe that the purveyor has hourly logs of each customers meter use but i also don't believe the world ends Friday either.

If you have a leak in the main, FIX IT. If you don't have a leak, BILL THE CLIENT for your time.

Is it possible for you to post 24 hrs of the log on the forum? This thread would be more educational if you could.
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