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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Do you have an hourly rate that you use to base your bid from?

Yes I do have an hourly bid that I base my bids from. I just figure how many hours it may take. Sometimes I'll add an extra hour or 2 when I bid depending on the property just to play it safe. My first year (last year) I shot myself in the foot on several clean ups. This year was a lot better.

How long bagging takes depends on what you're bagging with. If you're just using a walk behind it can be very time consuming, especially if you're not mulching the leaves up first. I mulch them up first and bag them with the Lazer on most accounts. The bags can still fill up quickly, but I have yet to ever have to dump more than once in a day doing it my way (I did have to come back once to get my mower). I have one account that I have to do with a walk behind and I put a 60 gallon green barrel on top of the mower deck to dump into so I don't have to run out to my rig as often.

The problem when you haul leaves in bulk is that you really can't fit that many per load, and it can take a while to load and stomp them down and all. Running to dump my load and get back would take about a half hour, time that I could be working. I don't like leaving my tools on a job site either, so I'd have to load them all up too before leaving and then unload when I get back...just too much time mobilizing/demobilzing and traveling to me. My dump has very limited hours too....Mon, Wed and Sat 8:30 to 3:00.

It's nice to be aware of all the different methods, but I think we all end up doing what is best with the accounts, equipment and labor resources we have. What works for one may not work for another. I do agree that the layered tarp trick works well if you don't have a dump truck or trailer, but I find pushing a button is faster and easier
The layered tarps thing was something that I saw someone post here on Lawn Site last season and I tried it. I couldn't believe how much time it saved me and how much more money I made compared to last year. I am currently averaging about $400-$600 a day. Much more than last year.

The dump in my area is open Monday-Friday 7am-2:30pm & Saturday 7am-12pm. I'll load my truck even after the dump closes and dump my load first thing in the morning and then meet my guys at the job site.
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