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Hey guys, I have kind of a last minute networking/possible moneymaker idea if anybody is interested. I had a non-customer leave me a message yesterday wanting a cleanup for her yard (north Kingstown) and her parents yard (warwick). We played phone tag, and she called me again this morning and we finally talked. (lets me know she probably really does want it done, and not just looking for a price idea) Anyways, here's my idea. If anybody wants to meet up tomorrow we can look at both yards, and I was thinking maybe grabbing a beer at Oak Hill tavern in NK when we're done. The worst that can happen is we look at the yards, come up with a price for each, and the lady says no. We'd at least get a chance to meet, chat over a beer, and probably learn a few things. If she does decide to have them done, we can do them both together either on Thursday or Friday, and just split the profit. I don't mind fronting the cash for labor and just waiting on the check. And we can use our own equipment, or use mine which is still ready to go. This time of year I usually watch the 10 day forecast and if I see snow, then that's when I winterize my equipment. I have a couple of echo 755 blowers, and I know at least the North Kingstown yard has woods that she said we could just lose the leaves in there instead of taking them away. Being so late in the year, I'm assuming this lady is only interested in a one time cleanup, but who knows. Any takers? Or does anybody think I'm crazy for having an idea like this??
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