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Hey guys,

thanks for the congrats on the baby.
Baby Kassidy Lisa oct 27 517pm 7.8 lbs.

Ferris, did you have yours?

I would say yes to the meeting but not sure I would be able to at this point with the baby. And all my stuff is washed and cleaned for the winter. I would consider using it if the price was right. I have a dump and lesco loader, billy goat blower and 3 redmax 85million back packs.

Oak hill, I used to go there for the Monday night cook your own steak!! great deal for 10$

Any one want to group buy tickets to ne grows? I might take an employee with me so that's 2 tickets

and lets meet after the new year.

find me here.
Big truck
enclosed trailer
other stuff neccesary to work

1 Desert Eagle

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