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my dad always told me to keep it simple.. the less people you have to pay the better, "the best help is at the end of your arm"... lol

thanks, for the responses.

I'm looking into a 10k trailer now. I don't think it will be the end of the world to get another trailer, I mean it is necessary... Plus I have this real knack for haggling lol.. I think if I could get a trailer and a skid for $10-12k I'll be in good shape... including attachements. I'm seeing that some of the best deals are people who have all attachements and just put it all up for sale.

I found one guy in like Wisconsin that had a New Holland skid with augers, backhoe, 3 buckets, planer, just like everything for $15,000.

I will post back with results of the purchase! Thanks again dude.
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