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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
I personally use microsoft word for creating and printing all my invoices, contracts, late payment notices, billing, work order forms, etc.

I also use microsoft excel to keep track of client information, client statements, invoices, payments, etc. I just write the invoices down during the day, when i get home at night, i update the spreadsheet. Its a good, no cost system I use and it works very well for me managing my 38 clients.
Just curious, ... what are you using for financial management software? Neither Word or Excel is set up to track credit cards, bank charges, reconcile bank statements, etc. Also, Word or Excel in their base form is not equipped to deal with expenses, and categorizing expenses.

Why would you use these two tools, and then transfer your data to another software for financial management? Not only does this take time, but is prone to error. Financial management software includes the items you mentioned above, and does the other necessary tasks. Using a dual system (or triple?) seems time consuming and subject to errors in transferring data.

To the OP, I use QuickBooks and believe the money is very well spent to manage these tasks. It is less than most pieces of hand-held equipment (eg. trimmer). We expect to have good tools to do our lawn work, why would we skimp on managing finances? Most companies fail because of lack of good management of finances.
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