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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
Don't dog it until you've tried it...i bagged, blew, raked lots of leaves when i was young...its not as tough as you think
Yeah I've done my share of that too. I like to think I've done both enough to have enough sense to know when one method is better than the other. Sometimes it just depends on what trailer I have with me at the time. Sometimes I'm out with the mowing trailer, sometimes I've got the dump trailer with me with the loader and blowers.

I think someone said it earlier, but there are some yards that by the time I blow out the beds and other tight spots, it doesn't take much time to go ahead and blow the rest of the yard off and suck them up. Like I said, I'm equipped to do EITHER. I've got Accelerator baggers for both mowers if need be. Trust me, when it comes to leaves, I've put in my time.
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