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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post

Nice to see you back Larry.
I run the Briggs on my XT5 it is the most easy pull starting engine I operate.
Thanks DA. Our XT5's also "start on the first pull". What's amazing, is we did several aeration/seeding jobs on a street where the County dug the ditches deeper (to allow for better drainage). The XT5 "climbed" those steep ditches, manuevered around concrete culverts, and still pulled plenty of nice plugs at the same time. These "culvert areas" were not part of the bids, and the customers acknowledged it (due to the extreme slopes), as well as possible dangerous operating conditions.

Our LS walk-behind has not been used for 2 years. It "sits" because my guys prefer the XT5 >> faster, more manueverable, better plugs, more plugs, more user friendly & safer.

Experience: We were one of the first to compare the LS vs XT5. We also performed side-by-side comparisons at land grant university trials.

Our 2 cents. Thanks
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