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Never satisfied the cuts for a pre-payment earlier this year, now what?

Long story short, a guy I cut for in 2011 had me start mowing again the first of this year. $80 a cut. He went on and pre-paid for the month. About half way through the month he said he hired a new guy (to the business) and was going to have him use his mower to cut it and I was no longer needed, but to hold on to the cuts for leaves or something "in the fall." Okay, no problem, so about Oct gets here and I call him just reminding him he still has some cuts that are paid for, he says he'll get me to blow leaves or something, but he'll let me know. Okay, that's no problem.

We'll its now almost Jan. and I called him a few days ago, left a message, but he never called back. I just sent him an email saying I'd be glad to satisfy the cuts or do a refund, but I'd like to get it done before the year is up.

So if I don't hear from him in a day or so, do I send him a MO or check made to his business in the next few days? I have no idea where he lives, just know where the business is.

Anyone ever run into that?
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