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Hmmm, 3 acres of plugs is going to be a bit more than you want to tackle, I do believe.

A tray of plugs will cover about 18 sq ft. Spaced at an extremely wide 2 ft you are still talking a huge number of plugs. Even if only half of the 3 acres were plugged, you'd be looking at at nearly 2000 trays. And I don't even know if you can buy them wholesale. It would be a pricey venture at $4+ dollars a tray, then still you'd only have a piece of grass stuck in a hole every two feet. I'd definitely call Bethel and ask them if they sell the pallets of plugs wholesale. You then will likely have to arrange transport of them. Then you have to figure out how to keep them alive because you probably won't be doing them in a weekend You would want to use a power auger to do the holes, but you will still be talking about one heck of a lot of work.
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