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First time I've had a check bounce on me!!!

So I picked up a new customer the other day that seemed pretty promising. He had just bought a house in Kansas City and the yard was in really bad shape. The guy went on and on about how he wanted a complete renovation next year and he needs a full time lawn service provider. I'm thinking, "hell yeah!". I'm only in my 3rd month of business and I need all the business I can get! He had a blank canvas to work with and I saw a lot of potential for business with the guy. I go over there for a leaf cleanup, was there for 2 hours, and charged him $120.00. He wrote me a check and I was on my way. So I'm sitting down at my desk today and literally JUST got done signing his Holiday Greetings card when my wife called to inform me that his check had bounced. Now like I said, I'm new here and DO NOT have a ton of money in my business account, so it made my account go negative because I had just an hour before that, went and bought a half pallet of ice melt for this winter.

I go to call the guy and what do you know, his cricket cell phone is no longer in service. The guy practically lives in the ghetto and I don't know how I feel going and knocking on his door about this. I always stay out of areas like that for obvious reasons but was just kind of making an exception this one time.

Should I just live and learn or bug this guy till he pays up? I understand it could be a big misunderstanding and maybe he'd gladly fork over the money, but then again, seeing the people coming in and out of his house when I was there, and a little bit of racial profiling, I'm a bit nervous on doing that.

What do you think?!?!
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