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About the prov I just demoed one. Great machine for a solo guy or someone who doesn't have animals in their buisness. The help I have that would not work. Don't know where you are but I am in the deep south and labor sucks. They can break the unbrakeable. It is really sad i have my tools and then i have tools they use. For that reason I run belt drive scag walkbehinds for them to use. Yes they are slower but tanks. But for 4250. Buy the thing you can't get any hydro for that kind of money.

Keep working him on price. It does sound great but they are costing him money!!!!!!! Nobody but us buys in December. He won't sell it to anybody but someone in the biz. You are at about 21% off retail on the v ride. Hell wright gives you 17% just cuz it is ******* winter.

I don't buy enough at one time to get fleet pricing on anything but toros fleet is like 23%.. I am thinking about stitching to grandstands buy that is another story. So look at it this way. The dealer is still making something at fleet. I guess like 7 to 12% . So don't believe any of I am selling it to you at cost stuff

I would pull the trigger at 10. But I am a cheap ass. Do it now if you don't want to loose it. But don't forget you are doing him a favor..
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