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Originally Posted by mowerman90 View Post
As the previous posts have shown, "most realtors are bottom feeders" wanting something for nothing and they want it done "immediately". The only way I'd work for a realtor is if they paid in advance at double my normal rates.
Make sure they pay it in "cash" up front.

You're a generous man to consider doing any work for them.

The one guy in NY told me he wanted the entire property including the mobile home cleaned out. I looked at it and it was a filthy mess. One of the rooms was full of trash bags full of trash! I thought to myself, I could handle doing this but it won't be cheap. I figured it to be a good 3-4k to get all the trash inside and out as well as cut the grass cut back some over grown trees and hack a few saplings down. He found someone to just bush hog the front to keep the township from issuing fines. Believe it or not, I was considering buying the property (great location) for only 18K! It was a 1.3acre lot. I didn't have the money and had to pass. Heck, I could have leveled the place and put a nice prefab home up and have a nice garage for under 100K. Being tied up in another mortgage stopped us.
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