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I've been loving the update to SA. The overlays popping up instead of jumping to a new screen is one of the best things but I feel there is a lot more detail available to you at the tip of your fingers instead of having to scroll way down a page to get to it. Especially on the client screen where additional contacts are listed just under the client info and the account balance area shows the details of what is prepaid, uninvoiced, due, etc.

The new scheduling system is great. Love that my jobs show up on the calendar and I can add to dos into the days route as well. Will be even better when I can sync it all with my Google Calendar.

I love the new ticketing system as well. Being able to create multiple to dos within one ticket is just brilliant. If you don't use the ticketing system, you have to at least give it a try.

I've run into some glitches but I will give them some time before I start fussing about them not being fixed. As far as the payroll, I do think they said don't try to make that work yet as they had some issues they are fixing in the next several weeks.

If you don't want to pay the price, I can understand that, but I know how much time this software saves and the peace of mind it gives me. Accounting and books are not my thing and if you have trouble keeping up with them, this software will force you kindly and easily to stay on top of everything. Just for that, its worth it to me.
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