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Originally Posted by C & T Landscaping View Post
My bad, I just re-read what I wrote...the 'I agree' part was for what you said, and rest was for the OP.
We knew that.....well at least I did.

I used to have an Exmark dealer just a few miles away but they closed due to death of the owner. Another shop opened not far away but they were terrible and didn't last long. Now I have to drive about 1/2 hour for parts and service...not all that far but even that can be a pain sometimes.

When it's time to replace my Exmarks I'll probably go with Bob-Cat because that dealer is within 5 miles and excellent, based on my dealings with them and my Shindaiwa handhelds. The thing I really like about them is that they actually stock parts. There's another Shindaiwa dealer nearby but you could buy a new handheld off the shelf and not be able to buy a spare air filter and spark plug for it without them having to order it. I think my shop is better stocked with parts than theirs is, lol.
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