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You should calculate how much weight you will be towing/hauling and get the next size up. If you size too high it's a waste of money. ( a lot of money, I saw ford trying to sell a $60K 1/2 ton PICKUP truck! "a fool and his money are soon parted"

Make sure you get the truck specs too, (1/2 ton 3/4 ton... are outdated terms)
My "1/2 ton" f150 is rated to haul 1766, yes that is OVER 3/4 ton.
But don't expect the state to understand that and give you a break on licensing (trucks over "3/4 ton" cost 1/10th the price to license in my state)
My f150, 1766 lbs spec "does not haul over 3/4 ton"
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