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Bi weeklys and their worth.

I am sorta on the fence with the bi weekly lawns. The belief that they are all cheap does describe most of mine but not all.

I was looking at the dollar income of the 30 I have this year and I come up with $16,400. So at first glance my partner and I were not that enthused then we looked closer and 5k of that came from 5 accounts. Which makes the typical gross per account even worse when you look at the remaining 25.

The year had some curve balls at the end the hurricane followed the week after with 8 inches of snow cost us the last 2 weeks of lawn cuts. Even so it looks like we will fall just a little short of last year and end around 218-220k. So minus off the bi weekly's and the remaining 150-160 accounts generated 202-204k so roughly 1200-1300 per account.

So I am looking at this from a few different angles. Income is certainly one but the other has to be scheduling of extra work and the effect this type of account has. The 30 bi weekly's had 1 perhaps 2 fertilizer accounts for us. You can forget about mulching all together and they produced a few bush trimming jobs. So they do not clog up my other days with any notable requests. I am neither happy nor unhappy with that. But the one area I did see a positive in was spring and fall clean ups and in this case I did add them together. So the 30 accounts which could have been as many as 60 clean ups only produced 11 total for the entire year. My remaining accounts produced 121 total for the entire year. So I only have a 36% chance of getting work I hate doing from bi weekly's but I have about a 78% chance of getting either a spring or fall clean up from a weekly account.

And so I am wondering if its worth taking on the lawn cuts meaning filling in space I want filled in with accounts that do not fill in space on my very limited spring and fall clean seasons. As long as they are priced high enough and are not hyper growth over ferted nightmares I am thinking there is reason to believe with the right ratio of them in the list it may be more profitable to keep them they cut them loose.
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