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Good topic. I do all of my bi-weekly accounts on alternating Wednesdays...we call it "crappy lawn Wednesday." I do reserve the right to cut them as-needed in the spring. My cleanup numbers differ greatly from yours though. I did spring and fall cleanups on all but 1 of mine. I really don't give them much of a choice. My service agreements state "We perform spring and fall cleanups on all properties we service unless it is clearly not necessary or you make other arrangements and inform us of them in advance. The lawns we service need to be free of debris in order for us to safely maintain them."

I have 19 bi-weekly accounts (actually one is monthly) that ranged from $640 to $1,892 in total charges for the year with a total gross of $20,966. They were serviced between 11 (he does the first couple and last couple himself) and 16 times with the norm being around 14. My average per account was $1,103. The montly one is actually invoiced together with a bi-weekly for the same customer and I didn't calculate them seperately because I'd have to go through my actual invoices to seperate them. Total billing on those two together was $2,597.24 for the year. These numbers include the cleanups and anything else I did for them, including snow plowing, but that was minimal last winter (maximum 2 times) and I only plow about 1/3 of them, so most of that is lawn care/maintenance. I don't do applications so none of that is fert/pest. Two of those accounts are fertilized, one by the homeowner and one by TG.

It's interesting to me that with 58% less bi-weekly accounts (19 vs 30) I billed 28% more than you did on them Kelly ($20,966 vs $16,400). Mine are priced from $25 to $80 per service with an average of $49.31. 10 of them were billed $1,000 each or more.

Do you charge extra for bi-weekly service? Do you go ahead and mow them more often in the spring during peak growth? I do? How do you do the mowing in the spring if they aren't getting a spring cleanup? Do they do it themselves or does it just not get done? What about in the do you mow them without doing a leaf cleanup?
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