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I dropped many biweekly accounts last year, I still kept a few if they met certain criteria. Here are a few items which will allow me to service or turn down EOW yards.

1. I will not accept lawns EOW in higher end neighborhoods.
Perception is reality, I do not want residents seeing an
overgrown lawn with my name attached to it.
2. Payment is due at the time of service.
3. 50$ minimum for EOW.
4. I will not double cut, height of mower will be adjusted to
prevent an unsightly finished product.
5. Option to go 10 days if growth is fast in the spring.

I am down to 3 or 4 EOW yards. They are all close by my house. Bigger yards that sit by themselves with minimal trimming. The 50$ minimum was established so they would meet the required amount of total revenue on an anual basis needed to be a customer. These accounts can be very profitable if ground rules are established and they fit into the schedule. Otherwise they can be hard on equipment and a scheduling nightmare on weeks where there are rainouts.
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