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i dont' think you could have a business down here if you didn't do bi weekly cuts. most of mine are bi weekly. some of the yards are 2 1/2 acres and i charge $125 a cut. that's $250 a month. i don't think anyone would pay $500 a month for lawncare here. lol the few i have that are weekly are small yards that take 30min or less paying $35 a cut. i do have one that pays $45 a cut that gets weekly but it's in an upscale neighborhood.

there's another company that does most of the houses in that neighborhood and they only charge $35 a cut. i've seen them many times. it's 3 mexicans working for someone. they just jump out of the truck and one guy cuts like 5 yards and another trims them all and another blows them all off. i guess they can afford to do that since they get done alot quicker and being solo i can't compete with their prices. i'm not gonna spend 45min-1hr somewhere and only make $35. i guess their recipe is to charge less and do more to makeup for it. my plan is charge more and do less lol.
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