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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
That looks like a really nice mower. However, at 2:32 it shows the belt running from the crank to the trans and it is running underneath the deck just above the blade. Unless that was just added to show the belt's path for some reason which that wasn't really necessary at that point in the video, that belt is not going to last very well, and I can see it causing slippage in wet grass and possible trans problems down the road. Otherwise, a very nice looking machine that I would think should hold up pretty well to commercial use.
I was as surprised as you when I saw the belt underneath the deck with apparently no guard of any kind to protect it. It seems to me that wet grass could cause the belt to slip, and even worse, what would happen when you ran over (even small) sticks? Seems like that could cause the belt to be "thrown" on a regular basis.

I also read a post mentioning the plastic wheels, do you think they would last a reasonable time?

I know Gravely has been credited for listening to LCO's in the past, I wonder if they will now? Even though it's only "homeowner" quality, it would be interesting to find out what LCO's would tell Gravely to change about this mower.
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