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i've lowered it 5-10 dollars before to get the job. the next year the guy paid me my original quote so it can work out. i also told another larger yard it would be 100-125 dollars. of course they want the 100 dollar bid so i said ok we'll go with that for the first cut and see how it goes. i ended up finishing out this season doing it for 100. maybe cut it 4 times this year as they called me late in the season. anyways he says he will pay me 125 a cut from now on. i guess if they see you do a good job they don't mind to pay you a bit more.

every job varies. sometimes you give a quote and they are like ok that's fine. other times they think it's kindof high and they may say well i got it cut for this much last year. i may come down a bit but i'll still price it higher than the guy that did it last year. that happened to me once. i said 50 and the guy said last year this other guy did it for 35. i went and looked around and said ok i might can do it for 45 and then he said ok that's better. still he only had me cut it for one season. he got his mower fixed and did it himself this year.

everyone wants it cheap as it can be but those that really try to haggle you usually don't make good customers anyways. the best customers just say ok that's fine with me and you do the job and never have any problems.

you just gotta kind of find your price range. some are gonna be lower than you and others will be higher. don't try to compete with price with lowballers. don't bid it at 50 and then come down to 35. that's too much of a drop. just let the lowballers have that type of customer.

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