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Originally Posted by H & M Yard Improvements View Post
Ill bid an additional $10-$20 bucks higher so that if they try to talk me down, it won't hurt me. Has only happened to me a couple of times. I too try to sell the responsible and reliability. If it doesn't need a cut, I will skip it and catch it next week. I don't "Do it anyway". They tend to appreciate it. It has even led me to more clients through word of mouth. One weekly customer I had at the beginning of this season led me to 4 new customers. Word of mouth is the best advertisement there is! And it's free lol!
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I think that's exactly the wrong thing to do. For one, if you hadn't bid higher to begin with they wouldn't need to talk you down. Second, you're setting a precedent that your prices are're letting the customer manipulate you. From that point on ALL of your prices will be considered negotiable.

I have a number of service providers for both my home and my business and not one of them have negotiable pricing. Do you try to talk your auto mechanic down on their hourly rate, your cable and phone providers, your trash service, furnace repair man. They have SET prices and policies.

If you want to offer them a discount of a set percentage for a fixed period of time as a promotion or something that's one thing, but to basically get into a bidding war with yourself is not wise in my sets the stage for a customer that constantly tries to control you rather than accepting things the way they are.
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