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Starting up Questions and suggestions.

OK, here it goes. I have been trolling the site for a couple weeks now reading must say lots of great information on this site!

I plan on opening up shop this coming season. Have access to any equipment I need family owns a small engine repair shop that deal walker, exmark etc. The equipment I will be starting with is a exmark 60", f350 dump body, trailer (of course), two trimmers(shindaiwa's for the universal attachments. power broom etc.) , back pack blower, pretty much all of the necessities. I have already went to the city hall and registered my DBA.I also have my budget MOSTLY(i know I will not totally figure this out until i am up and running) figured out so I will not be going in completely blind under bidding jobs. I am waiting until closer to the season to open my insurance, no point in paying if I can not use it at this moment?? I plan at the end of February to start advertising in the local papers, and early to mid March I am going to have 5,000 door hangers printed and go door-to-door. Not my best idea ever but I have actually posted on Craigslist trying to buy out some contracts for the upcoming season no luck yet. I did have a guy call and offer some subcontract work for bank properties at $25 a yard?? Skeptical on this anyone ever done this?

On to my questions:

1- Anyone have any suggestions as to my advertising plan to date, things I should change etc?
2- Would you suggest residential at first or going balls to the wall and trying to bid everything I can get?
3- How would one go about finding the bidding opportunity for foreclosures along with commercial properties? Contact the banks/realtors/and business owners directly?

I am from North East CT, so if someone ever has to much work (unlikely, but worth a shot) maybe we could have a sit down and work something out?

Thanks in advance for any input!
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