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-swamp ass!@ lol that's a good one!!!

-the months of july and august (everything else is cream cheese)



-low branches that i usually end up cutting down for free because they are so annoying

-crap in the yard...can be dog crap or things like trash or toys or whatever

-the customers that are always wanting to talk

-first time cuts where the yard hasn't been taken care of properly for a long time

-people calling you friday after lunch thinking you will cut their yard before the weekend or that you work on saturday or sunday which i don't unless i'm really backed up from the rain

-people wanting you to start or stop cutting for the season at different times than you wanna start or stop (usually 1 or 2 cuts later start or 1 or 2 cuts sooner than you should stop)

-people that get slow or lazy paying you towards the end of the season

-people that find it strange that your job has an off season. they think you should always be working year round or your job isn't a real job yet they never think to say a word to teachers about it lol.

-estimates that give you false hope

-mower payments(only $900 to go!) $200 extra a month will help out alot!

-truck payments(only $9000 to go!) $355 extra a month will help out even more!

-people moving so you lose a customer(lose a couple every year to this)

-not gaining new customers fast enough(it just takes time)

-seeing long time businesses that charge alot more, have alot more customers, and do a terrible job on lawns

-paying for licenses and such to be legal yet noone ever checks if you are or not and knowing there's people out there that aren't legal and getting along fine

- wondering if you can really pull this job off as a career and when that point will be reached lol

i'm sure there's more i'll think about later. despite all of this, this is still the best job i've ever had and probably the best job i ever will have in my life.


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